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K2 Disruption Skis | Ellis Brigham Mountain Sports

Formed by Bill and Don Kirschner in 1962, K2 Sports accelerated the evolution of ski technology by introducing fiberglass triaxel braiding to create a lighter more dynamic ski, optimizing traditional wood and metal. Used by World Cup champions such as Phil and Steve Mahre, K2 has gone through a series of expansions, and now, with their award winning Disruption carving skis and Mindbender freeride skis,  that positions them as an influential industry leader. 

K2 Sports has been a proud partner of BCRF since 2002. Each year, K2 develops products across their Women’s Ski, Snowboard, and Skate lines that highlight their support of BCRF. This year, K-2 has committed $10,000 regardless of sales. To-date, the brand has donated well over $1 million, funding over 24,000 hours of research.

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