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Ski Boot Fitting


Custom SKI Boot Fitting

at Dinardo Skis & Wheels

in Ottawa & Gatineau

boot fitting


Your boots can drastically affect your comfort, technique, and enjoyment when skiing. A proper fitting boot is the best investment you can make. Your boots transfer your weight and strength to the edges of you skis and allow you to ski with control and confidence, no matter the terain. Dinardos’ staff have the expertise to fit you into a boot that will match your ability, strength, and budget. Our line of boots offer a number of fit options and boot styles to ensure you get the proper fit.

Large Calf and Foot Ski Boot Fitting Dinardo's can boot fit all shapes and sizes.  No challenge is too small or large when ensuring a safe, warm and comfortable ski boot.  Enhance your ski experience and come to the best ski boot fitters in Ottawa and Gatineau.

The Custom Boot Fitting Experience at Dinardo’s

Ski Boot Selection

The best boots are the ones that fit your foot properly and match your skiing ability. The fit of your boot will affect your performance, comfort and safety so it is important to consult with custom boot fitting experts like Dinardo’s staff to make sure that you are getting the right ones.

When purchasing a boot, the way a boot fits is much more important than who manufactured it. Each manufacturer has at least one or more unique last and therefore each brand has a different fit. This is why Dinardo’s has a huge variety of different lasts in stock to ensure that we have a boot to fit every foot and skier skill level. We know how each last fits and work with you to first find the right manufacturer and then ensure a custom fit.

How Should My Ski Boots Fit?

Generally, your boot should fit firmly, but should still be comfortable. Your toes should be at the end of your boot when knees are straight. When flexing forward, your toes should come off the front of your boot and your heel should be snug in the heel pocket. When you take the lining out of the boot, you should be able to place your foot in the shell and have no more than one inch behind your heel with an optimum of 5/8’s of an inch. If the boot fitter hasn’t removed the lining from the shell of the boot to see how it matches your foot, find another shop. You can generally choose between three sizes, Novice skiers and those who lean on the back of their boots require the biggest size so that their toes do not hit the front of the boots one inch shell size. This will result however in some heel lift in hopping situations.

Frank is a Master! After a fitting and some boot work I now have the best ski boots for my feet and ability. The performance fit took my skiing to a new level and yet the boots are actually more comfortable than the shoes I wear on a daily basis. Worth every penny!  
Thanks again!! — Danielle Millett

Aspiring intermediates and developing carvers require a firmer fit that matches the width and length of the foot more accurately, therefore using the 3/4″ shell size.

Advanced and expert skiers use 5/8’s shell size to provide performance on the most demanding terrain, especially critical on ski vacations on big vertical!

Don’t tell your boot fitter you are an advanced skier unless you are always pushing your shin against the tongue of the boots to give sufficient toe room!

The shell of your boot provides support and transfers energy from your legs to the ski. Your skill level is a very important factor when selecting your boots. Beginner and intermediate ski boots are forgiving because they are manufactured with more flexible material, whereas high performance boots are stiffer to provide advanced skiers with more sensitivity.

Ski Boot Liners

The lining provides comfort and warmth, it will compress over time so make sure that you aren’t purchasing a boot that is too big. Boots that are too big will become uncomfortable and they are dangerous as the bindings won’t be able to measure the force on your bones and ligaments. Your new boot should feel snug the first few times you wear them. Better quality boots use greater density foam pads in the liner with more anatomic foot shape to keep a great fit for longer, this is the major factor in boot pricing as better quality liners come in the more expensive models.

Custom Foam injected liners make a exact mold of the foot, giving better energy transfer to the skis as well as complete comfort ….

The Holy Grail of Skiing!

Big box stores usually have a 30 minute time limit and then tell the kids to “cut them loose” if they haven’t made a purchase…at Dinardo’s we welcome clients to spend as much time as they can in the shop, thereby making certain that when they get to the ski hill their boots work to the maximum, in both comfort and performance.

Cold Feet = Thick Socks? NO!

When fitting new boots, it is also important to wear thin socks  like these Bridgedale ski socks to make sure the boots fit properly. Properly selected boots do not rely on the thickness of the sock for warmth or comfort.


Custom Footbeds Can Make the Difference

The starting point is always a custom footbed. Start with a solid foundation and work up. Vacuum molding a custom footbed aligns the foot, to support the body. This is a critical factor in reducing or avoiding wear and tear on your joints, like knees and hips. The Dinardo’s team has both Superfeet insoles and Conform’able Custom insoles  in every size and width in stock at all times. Remember it usually takes an hour for the footbeds to be manufactured on site, but that you can leave with them in your boots to test the next time out skiing. It never hurts to call ahead and make an appointment with Frank and his team.

Difficult to Fit — Customer Testimonial

Dinardo’s “took the time to have a full and objective appreciation of my skiing abilities, carefully measured my feet, narrowed down the selection, and worked with me to find the appropriate boot. With these new boots, I have the confidence to reach for new levels in my skiing: I can brace myself against the ski, and the concept of edge control now makes sense!” Jenna MacKay-Alie

    bootline franksfoot    

Boot selection is a three dimensional test! Get 100% at Dinardo’s.

Most skiers know that …. “Boots come in pairs, feet do not!” Frank and our team will match you with the most amazing boots you have ever skied in!

Dinardo’s Exclusive Conformable custom insoles for your Ski Boots, that offer all day comfort, the lowest available ramp angle – providing better support to all your joints….

These custom Footbeds have been developed by Frank and his team for our artificial snow conditions in conjunction with Sidas of France who like Frank, have been working on ski boots, footbeds and alignment for over 40 years!